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The Veteran community is dealing with an epidemic that has gotten out of hand. On average, 22 veterans a day take their lives in suicide. Join us to help bring awareness to the matter and ultimately put it to an end.

On 11/06/2021 the crew at Operation Jump 22 will be skydiving to raise money at Go Jump Oceanside in honor of those who have given the most.

I will be joining in and facing my fears by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane from 13,000 ft in the sky. I would greatly appreciate any help and support that you can give to this combined effort for the men and woman that have sacrificed themselves for our country!

Any donation you are willing to give can help save a life!

Donations will help sponsor my jump and all additional will go to Merging Vets and Players which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Organization (EIN:81-2878851 ) and all donations are fully tax deductible.

Help Team Gratitude Raise Support For MVP!

by D Brandon Feco

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JUMP LOCATION: 480 Airport Rd, Oceanside, CA 92058, United States (US)

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MVP’s mission is to match up combat veterans and former professional athletes together — after the uniform comes off — to give them a new team to tackle the transition together. MVP shows them they are NOT alone.

Jay Glazer and Nate Boyer created MVP in 2015 to address this important challenge.

Jay has spent years working with warriors from the ring and the gridiron, many of these men and women have also struggled to apply their skills beyond their field of battle.

Nate is a U.S. Army Green Beret Veteran and former NFL athlete who played with the Seattle Seahawks. Living both lives as a veteran and former professional athlete, he brings years of paralleled experience of our members of the loss of identity, purpose, and community.

MVP was created to leverage Jay and Nate’s unique role at the crossroads of all of these warriors. By merging veterans with players, these warriors can benefit from each other’s strengths, experience and abilities to unlock their full potential – and lead their families, communities and country towards a better future. Merging Vets and Players ensures these men and women know that the challenges they are facing are far more about who they are – Warriors – than what they did in the military or on the field. In reality, that is a title that no one can ever take from you.



Earns Me 1 Free Skydive from 13,000 ft. with video and pictures

November, 2021

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Randall Leyking $100.00October 25, 2021
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